Claude Breeze, C. Herbert, Canadian Artist, Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Queens Jubilee Medal, Canadian art, Simon Fraser University, the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, the University of Calgary, and the Emily Carr School of Art, Artist in Residence, Western Ontario, Professor Emeritus at York University, Toronto, Sunday Afternoon: From an Old American Photograph, Control Center No. 6: Red Stripe, Lovers in a Landscape No. 13: The Murder, Ron Bloore, George Curnoe, Jack Shadbolt, Maxwell Bates, Claude Tousignant, Harold Towne

Connecting a five-decade art career with the Blue Jays resurgence

As a long-time Toronto Blue Jays fan, I am delighted that this summer brings forth both renewal to my favourite baseball team as well as a renewed interest in the presentation of my artwork to the world.

It would seem that both the resurgence of the Blue Jays and the Breeze portfolio could not have come at a better time!

With fingers-crossed, I am building out a new website to profile the five some odd decades of my artwork. Meanwhile… with the Blue Jays game on the radio in the background, I can even find some enjoyment in what has turned out to be a bit of a process collecting images, published articles and other narrative information.

Ask me anything about my work in the 1970’s and I’ll probably be able to answer. I’ve been busy dusting off old boxes, looking at all kinds of materials and remembering great friends and experiences.

So, this effort is proving to be a bit of a retrospective of my life as an artist, but also an opportunity to rethink my work for the next series of paintings I intend to produce.

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